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1st Break – Chipcount Updates


REMAINING – 30/175

The players in the Main Event restart are now on break after Level 15.  Here are some of their chipcounts:

Name Chipcount
Thu Tran 342,000
Brian Horgan 297,000
Vincent Chung 283,000
Jessica Berryhill 250,000
John Rogers 246,000
David Covarrubias 225,000
James Fraser 217,000
Nicholas Chambers 190,000
Jimmy Alvarez 187,500
Edman Saatloui 168,000
Shayne Heine 145,000
Deven Cannon 95,000
Brad Link 91,000
Nabil Esho 75,000
Armando Perez 60,000
Jospeh Dudek 40,000
Junior Merafuentes 35,500

The field is 9 players away from the money.  Three Series Champion contenders are still in: Heine, Dudek and Esho.

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