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Aguilar and his Lucky Hat


LEVEL – 7          ANTES – 50            BLINDS – 200/400        ENTRIES – 73

John Aguilar is playing in today’s flight.  He told me earlier this morning that he decided to wear a different hat today in hopes of changing his luck around, and so far it’s working.

Aguilar raises to 1,100 from middle position and gets two callers, one of which is Joseph Dudek in the cutoff.

Flop: 4h 8d 7h

Aguilar is first and bets 1,800.  The player on his left folds but Dudek makes the call.

Turn: 2c

Aguilar bets again, this time for 2,000.  Dudek calls.

River: 3s

Aguilar fires once more for 2,500 and Dudek mucks his hand.

Aguilar chips up to over 36,000 and Dudek is still sitting comfortably with over 56,000.

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