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Anderson Wins PokerNight Title at TVPokerRoom

Rob Anderson, TVPokerRoom Poker Night in America Champ

The short-stack with just 700,000 chips at one point in 5-handed play, Rob Anderson battled back and eventually found his way to $65,780 and the 2017 Poker Night in America Main Event title.

Anderson powered to a lead with strong play, almost had 3rd place finisher Ubaid Habib’s full stack when both rivered trip 5’s with Anderson’s Ace able to play. Habib, however, found a fold but busted 5 hands later.

The major event was the next-to-last hand, Anderson 3-betting with AK and James Phamsopha 4-betting all-in with AT. Anderson held, leaving Phamsopha with just 7BB. One hand later and Anderson – with a career-best $3,155 cash to his name – went 20x by winning the title.

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