Home Live Reporting Andrew Villegas – 7th Place – $3,489

Andrew Villegas – 7th Place – $3,489


LEVEL – 25          ANTES – 4K            BLINDS – 12K/24K        REMAINING – 6/175

Andrew Villegas is out in 7th place after shoving from his big blind and getting called by Jimmy Alvarez.

Alvarez raises to 65,000 from UTG+1 and Villegas gets it in after the action folds around to him.  Alvarez doesn’t hesitate to call and the players are all in heads up.

Board: Jd 4h 6h 4s 10h

Alvarez: Ah Js

Villegas: Kh Qd

Villegas takes home $3,489 and Alvarez is now sitting with over 900,000.

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