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Big Hits and Bust Outs


LEVEL -11          ANTES – 100            BLINDS – 500/1000        REMAINING – 37/84

Shayne Heine hits big when his opponent misses a bet on the river.

The board had run out 9d Kd 2s Kc.  The action is heads up.

The small blind position player bets 11,000.  Heine goes in the tank but eventually calls.

River: Ac

Both players check the river and Heine quickly turns up Qh Qd.  His opponent mucks and Heine celebrates his big win.  Heine busted out before registration was over and bought back in at the last minute.  He now has about 72,000 in chips.

Heine is in contention to win Player of the Series and is currently ranked 2nd on the leaderboard.  He’ll have to finish in 8th place or better to take over the lead and win the title.

Sitting to Heine’s right was Mike Jobe who busted out the following hand.  Jobe flopped two pair and got shoved on by his opponent who was on a flush draw and hit on the river.  Since Jobe was out-chipped, the tournament and series is over for him.

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