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Day 1B – 3rd Break – Chipcounts



Players are on the 3rd and final break for today.  Registration is still open until the start of Level 10.  Damion Underwood and Shayne Heine have busted out, but are still considering re-entering especially since both players are in a good position to win Player of the Series with a strong finish.  The Player of the Series winner’s package is valued at over $12,000.

Name Chipcount
Armando Perez 97,500
Victor Paredes 90,000
Gabriel Becerra 89,000
Oscar Gaeta 87,500
Deven Cannon 87,000
Simon Nunez 82000
Jospeh Dudek 78,000
Jose Corruvabias 75,000
Martin Fletcher 75,000
Tony Yalda 72,000
Junior Merafuentes 69,000
John Aguilar 50,000
“Singh” 50,000
Mike Jobe 44,000
Randy Rapp 29,000
“Lucky” Logan McKechnie 25,000
Kenny Kajioka 16,500
Leslie “McBluffin” Hartman 12,500
Vincent Chung 10,000
Nabil Esho 2,200
Damion Underwood 0
Shayne Heine 0
Jennifer Avila 0


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