Home Live Reporting Deven Cannon – 10th Place – $1,511

Deven Cannon – 10th Place – $1,511


LEVEL – 23          ANTES – 2K            BLINDS – 8K/16K        REMAINING – 9/175

Deven Cannon finishes in 10th place for $1,511.

He shoves from the hijack for 108,000 and gets called by Manny Hernandez on the button.  The players are all in heads up.

Board: 8d Qd Qh 9d As

Hernandez: 8h 8c

Cannon: Kh 10s

Cannon is eliminated and Hernandez chips up to over 410,000.

This also means that Shayne Heine, currently in 2nd on the Player of the Series leaderboard, is one player away from taking the lead and the Series Champion title away from Leslie “McBluffin” Hartman.

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