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Double Bust-Out for Nabil

Nabil Esho


Level 6      Antes/Blinds: 75/300/600      Entrants: 90

Nabil Esho limps in from late position for 600 and gets raised by the cut-off to 2800.  The player on the button goes all-in for less and Esho makes the call.

Flop:  qcKcKc

Esho is first and checks.  The player in the cut-off bets 3500 and Esho quickly raises to 10,000, effectively putting his other opponent all-in.  The call is made and the board runs out:KcKc

Esho shows KcKcfor a flush and knocks out both his opponents.  He is currently sitting with over 33,500 in chips and two fresh bounty chips.

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