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Dudek Doubles Up


LEVEL – 20          ANTES – 1K            BLINDS – 4K/8K        REMAINING – 17/175

With not much more than 11 big blinds left, Joseph Dudek gets them in with a small pair and hits an even bigger hand.

From the UTG+1 position, Manny Hernandez raises to 24,000.  Action folds around to Dudek in the small blind who shoves for 89,000.  Hernandez goes into the tank but eventually calls.

Board: 9s 7c Qc 2c Jc

Dudek: $s 4c

Hernandez: Jh 10h

Not seeing the flush, Hernandez starts to celebrate, but the chips head to Dudek who is now sitting with 195,000.

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