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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a place for answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions about Holdem Radio.

Q) What is Holdem Radio?

A) Hold’em Radio is the nation’s original Poker Podcast Network. The Network began back in 2005, broadcasting for a two-year period from Binion’s Casino in Las Vegas. The Network was started by Wade Andrews, and for a short period of time was operated by online poker site grrrinders.com. Dan Ross obtained ownership of Hold’em Radio in February 2012, expanding the network to more than 20 weekly poker-based radio shows, along with live broadcasts of both live and online poker tournaments. Hold’em Radio is now part of Hold’em Media Group – including Hold’em Live Updates, Hold’em Social Media and Hold’em TV.

Q) How Do I Listen To Holdem Radio?

A) The Podcast Player is located on the right side of the homepage. here you can listen to the 24/7 broadcasts. Click right above the player for a Popout of the radio player you can control as you scroll through pages or move along anywhere on the Internet. You can choose any specific Podcast you want and listen On Demand by checking out the Podcasts Page and selecting the podcast you want to listen to right now.

Q) How Do I Join Holdem Radio?

A) You don’t need to join, there are no fees to listen, just come on and enjoy. You can sign up for a Holdem Radio VIP Membership account that gives you access to our chatroom, to post in our forums, receive newsletters, participate in online freerolls and much more. Just click on VIP on the Homepage Toolbar to go to the account signup page.

Q) Where is the Holdem Radio Chatroom?

A) The chatroom is a VIP-members-only area where people can talk about poker-related topics, participate in live chats with guests on the radio station, add comments in our Interactive Real Poker Chats and much more. Sign up for your Hold’em Radio VIP Membership account and log in. once you do, the “Chat” appears in our menubar, right next to our Shows and Events menu. Click the Chat menu and our chatroom opens for you in a separate window.

Q) Are There Chatroom Guidelines?

A) The goal of having a chatroom here at Hold’em Radio is so poker players have a place they can come to 24/7 to talk online about anything poker-related, AND know they have a venue where they are always engaging in civil online discussions.

Please refrain from name calling, personal attacks, hate speech and offensive/obscene comments. Persons engaging in such a manner are subject to having their accounts suspended or terminated by Holdem Radio personnel.

Q) How Do I Contact Holdem Radio?

A) just head over to our Contact Page.

Q) How Do I Get My Poker Podcast on Holdem Radio?

A) Contact us at Radio@Holdem.Media with a link to your podcast and give us a brief explanation of what your show is all about. We are a national Poker Podcast Network, so we run shows that have a national appeal, and we also run regionally-focused shows. We do ask that all podcasts broadcast via Hold’em Radio maintain a professional tone, so we do not accept shows containing a lot of profanities or where the hosts use the platform for attacks and unsubstantiated allegations about people or businesses.

Q) How Can We Get Hold’em Live Updates at Our Poker Room?

A) Our Hold’em Live Updates team travels throughout the year, providing live reporting from poker tournaments in casinos and poker rooms across the country. Email us direct at Updates@Holdem.Media or leave us a message at our Contact Page and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Take a look at the Live Updates Page for examples of the content we provide to entertain poker players and tell the stories of the players in each event.