2019 LAPC
2019 LAPC
We’re providing all the Live Updates for the 2019 LAPC from January 15-March 6 at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.

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David ODB Baker Wins WPT LAPC

David Baker Wins WPT LAPC

David ‘ODB’ Baker earns his first Million-Dollar-Payday, defeating a 546-player field to win the World Poker Tour $10,000 LAPC Championship.

Baker held off Matas Cimbolas in the heads-up match at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas, where the WPT was filming three consecutive days of WPT final tables.

Baker was the Day 3 and Day 4 chipleader, moving to the final table as one of the top stacks, with Darren Elias as chipleader. Elias was eliminated in third-place, cashing for $473,280, with Cimbolas earning $646,930 as runner-up.

Here’s the coverage we provided up to the final table at LAPCnews.com, and the full reporting from the WPT Live Updates team.

WPT Championship at LAPC Is Here

WPT Championship at 2019 LAPC

We’re at the LAPC at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles – the largest poker room in the world – providing tournament coverage for the entire 69-tournament series.

The focus shifts now to the WPT $10,000 buy-in Championship and an anticipated 550-or-so single-entry field.

Being here for the entire series, we are also covering the three remaining High Roller events – Sunday’s 410,000 Turbo 8-Max, Monday’s $25,000 High Roller and Tuesday’s $25,000 High Roller.

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Stay Up-To-Date on all LAPC Results

2019 LAPC

We’re down at the 2019 LA Poker Classic – aka the LAPC – at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, the largest poker room in the world, providing the daily tournament reporting on all 69 events in the LAPC this year.

From this RESULTS link here, you can check on on the happenings from all past events, see who has won and what took place along the way .. all of it at LAPCnews.com

James Woods Wins LAPC

James Woods Wins LAPC Triple Triple Draw

Actor James Woods – a regular in mixed games and Hold’em events during the 2019 LAPC – won his second career Remington on Saturday night, collecting the victory in the $570 Triple Triple Draw.

The 6-Max event was a combination of 2-7 Triple Draw, A-5 Triple Draw and Badugi Triple Draw. Woods outlasted Don Halpern to earn $7,560.

Woods gave a great deal of credit for his win to his poker coach Miami John Cernuto, who was on hand for the final table and provided LiveStream commentary with me for the heads-up match.

Rocco Wins NL Deuce on His First Try

Michael Rocco - Winner - $570 NL Deuce Single Draw - 2019 LAPC

Michael Rocco never played a NL Deuce Single Draw tournament until the $570 at the 2019 LAPC at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. A final table later, Rocco has his first NL Deuce tournament win, defeating Don McNamara heads-up to earn the $7,400 first-prize.

Here’s our coverage of the event via LAPCnews.com, that’s our HoldemMediaDan ay the keyboard the entire series.

Shirley Rosario Wins LAPC $570 Stud

Shirley Rosario - Winner - $570 Stud - 2019 LAPC Event 26

Three women among the final four, it was Shirley Rosario who walked off with her third Remington as winner of the $570 Stud at the 2019 LAPC at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.

The win pushed Rosario to more total poker tournament wins in her career than Allen Kessler, in less than a third of the total cashes Kessler has.

Here’s the final results from our HoldemMediaDan, who is on-site providing LAPCnews.com live reporting for the entire series.

Social Experiment III Win Goes to Karim

Haris Karim - Winner - Social Experiment III - 2019 LAPC

No Headphones, No Hoodies, No Sunglasses and No Electronic Devices at the tables – those were the rules for Social Experiment III – a $350 buy-in Saturday in the LAPC at the Commerce.

739 entries in the single-re-entry tournament, it was Haris Karim wrapping up the event with the $30,610 first prize, along with Commerce Casino-provided sunglasses, hoodie and headphones as additional prizes.

Here’s the final results as our own HoldemRadioDan provides all the 2019 LAPC daily live reporting.

Teranie Wins 1,719-Entry Great Wall of Chips at LAPC

Sammy Teranie - winner - 2019 LAPC Great Wall of Chips

Sammy Teranie outlasted a monster-sized field of 1,719 entries to win the inaugural Great Wall of Chips, a 4350 with a $250,000 Guarantee – at the LAPC. The tournament more than doubled the guarantee, coming in at $515,700.

Teranie turned his $350 entry in to a $71,000 first-place prize, along with a coveted Remington.

Here’s our coverage from the entire Great Wall of Chips – and the full 2019 LAPC, our first time here — with HoldemRadioDan at the keyboard for the full series

We’re at LAPC Doing Live Updates All Series

2019 LAPC

New on the Hold’em Live Updates schedule is handling the live tournament reporting this year from the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles for the 2019 LAPC. The tournament is running now through the $10,000 WPT Main Event March 2-6.

Follow along with all the action as we post updates throughout each tournament at LAPCnews.com with HoldemRadioDan at the keyboard.