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Hawkins Adds HPT Title to Resume

Hawkins Wins HPT St Charles
Maurice Hawkins Wins HPT St Charles Main Event

Maurice Hawkins fought back from being down to fewer than 10BB 3-handed – and a 4-1 deficit heads-up – to claim the Heartland Poker Tour main event title at Ameristar St. Charles.

Hawkins was running over the final table early on, moving from 1.6 million to as high as 3.7 million. He went downhill fast when 3-handed play began, falling as low as 800k of the 10.4 million in play. A triple-up to 2.7 million sent his stack back upwards.

HB Sablotny and Hawkins played heads-up for more than three hours, staying close to even the first two hours, before Sablotny opened to a 4-1 chiplead over the next hour. Hawkins rapidly regained his composure, his chip, and then closed out Sablotny in a massive cooler, his 5-7  > A-6 by flopping a straight against a turned two pair.

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