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Salvation Army Paradise Ca, office
Salvation Army Paradise Ca, office

More than 13,000 homes burned down, more than 80 people killed … the CampFire in northern California in November was the most destructive and deadliest in state history. Helping those affected by the fire that pretty much wiped the city of Paradise, CA off the map is where we’re directing our charitable donations in 2019.

The Salvation Army has provided for Paradise families daily for decades from their office in the city, and while the office and adjoining thrift store burned to the ground, the efforts of the Salvation Army continues for those from Paradise needing help.

Take a moment here to learn how the Salvation Army is helping – more than 120,000 meals served to affected families and first responders, plus so much more.

The needs are so much more than just during the holiday season, as the long-term recovery is going to take years for those families to find what their ‘new normal,’ is.

Please consider making a donation today, one that goes directly to helping the specific families with their specific needs.

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