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No Basura for Becerra


LEVEL – 9          ANTES – 75            BLINDS – 300/600        ENTRIES – 78

In the last hand of Level 8, Gabriel Becerra chips up with a premium hand in early position.

Becerra is UTG+1 and limps in.  Nabil Esho is in the cutoff and raises to 3,200.  Becerra makes the call.

Flop: Ah 5s 4d

Both players check.

Turn: 7c

Becerra checks and Esho bets 5,000.  Becerra calls.

River: 2c

Both players check.

Esho shows Jh Jc and Becerra turns up Ad Qh.  Becerra takes down the pot and now has about 85,000 in chips.


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