Home Live Reporting Shayne Heine – 9th Place – $2,080

Shayne Heine – 9th Place – $2,080


LEVEL – 23          ANTES – 2K            BLINDS – 8K/16K        REMAINING – 8/175

Shayne Heine had been struggling to chip up at the final table.  Earlier, he raised to 100,000 and got shoved on by Jessica Berryhill.  She has him outchipped and he laid down his hand, open folding pocket tens.

Shortly after, Heine shoves all in pre-flop for 240,000 and gets called by Jimmy Alvarez.

Board: 2s 9c 6d 4d Kc

Alvarez: Jd Jc

Heine: Ac 7c

This was a devastating loss for Heine since he needed to finish in 8th place in order to win the title of Series Champion.  The winners package for Player of the Series is valued at over $12,000.

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