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Victory Paredes


LEVEL – 8          ANTES – 75            BLINDS – 250/500        ENTRIES – 76

Victor Paredes of Modesto, CA is playing in today’s flight.  Of the players in this tournament, Paredes has one of the most impressive resumes with over $175,000 in live tournament cashes on record.

Facing a raise from the hijack to 1,525, Paredes calls from the big blind along with one other player.

Flop: Jh Kc 2h

Paredes is first and checks as does the other player.  The original raiser makes a continuation bet of 1,775 and Paredes makes the call.

Turn: Ah

Both players check.

River: 10d

Both players check again.

Paredes shows Ac Qh and his opponent mucks.  He is currently sitting with just over 75,000 in chips.

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